Incredibly humbled to have been in the audience.

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I drank a quart of embalming fluid

because I felt dead inside

I bleached my skin and shaved my hair

and laid on the floor for an hour. 

I did not die, it appears,

I contorted and screamed wondering when it’d happen. 

I smelled of stagnant stalemate

a life with not much else to gain.

I clawed and crawled for paper,

i shoved my hand into the innards of my desk

I steadied on my elbows and stared at the blank rectangle.

It was disgusting, riddled with words and thoughts and names. 

Why could no one else see them? The name of every

failure, fuck, and faggot that’d ever been inside me

sneering across that paper like a pantheon of bruises. 

If I burnt it, if I tore it, if I sold it, it’d always be the same.

I desecrated that paper,

my vomit spewed onto the edges and I made it no longer white. 

My laughter erupted and shamed the thing that lay before me. 

On the floor lay everything that was dead, 

It floated and flowed and soaked into that sheet.

The damned thing was saturated in filth

but I did not stop. I moved it so, I turned it

I folded it. 

Greet my pleasantly, dear friend

I sit cramped with thing in hand

ready to swallow.

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Thank god Justin Bieber was just driving drunk and high and not walking home with a bag of Skittles like some thug.

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Flawless Trans Women Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox Respond Flawlessly To Katie Couric’s Invasive Questions

On Monday, transgender model Carmen Carrera and Orange is the New Black actress Laverne Cox…

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also remember to watch out for those faker cis*trenders!

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The SEEDS Project

Hi folks, if possible could you pass this on and/or donate what you can to a service learning organization I’m part of, The SEEDS Project. 

Students Engaging in and Enacting a Dialogue on Service (SEEDS) is an alternative spring break organization that focuses on sustainable impact in communities. We currently have two trips— one to Louisiana and one to West Virginia— and spend the time speaking with community members, offering physical labor, speaking to schools, and maintaining relationships with organizations/community members we’ve worked with in the past. 

For more information, there are links to our blog and our Facebook page on the Indiegogo page, as well as a nifty little video. 

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